• Emily Gibson

The Culture Pledge

The HR Patch Ltd joins the Breathe Culture Pledge to demonstrate investment in our people’s development and wellbeing.

Positive workplace culture is essential to small business productivity, as toxic cultures are estimated to cost the UK economy an eye-watering £23.6 billion per year. In February 2021, The HR Patch Ltd joined a growing community of businesses, who are showing their investment in creating a positive workplace culture for their team by joining the Breathe Culture Pledge.

The Pledge is a promise to put our people first, invest in their success, super-charge employee engagement - and ultimately drive our business forward. To date, more than 500 UK small businesses have signed the Pledge, launched by cloud-based software provider, Breathe, in 2018. Workplace culture is an essential aspect of business strategy and key to creating an inclusive, progressive environment which supports employees and recognises their achievements. This is key to productivity, people’s happiness, personal development and therefore business success.

Recent research conducted by Breathe revealed that in 2019, toxic company culture cost the UK economy more than £15.7 billion. At The HR Patch, we believe our people are the lifeblood of the business and central to our ongoing success. By joining the Breathe Culture Pledge, we are proudly acknowledging our investment and the responsibility all businesses have in terms of creating a progressive workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated.

Congratulating Emily Gibson, Director & Founder on signing the Pledge, Breathe’s CEO, Jonathan Richards said: “Having joined the Pledge, The HR Patch is joining a like-minded community of businesses who are all on a mission to support their people and put them first. Small businesses make a huge contribution to the UK economy and those who actively invest in their company culture are also making a positive difference to people’s lives.

In 2019 the combined annual turnover of the UK small businesses was over £2 trillion, which represents 52% of all private sector turnover.

Businesses like The HR Patch who join the Breathe Culture Pledge, receive access to their own Pledge Hub, which includes a whole range of exclusive resources and practical advice and guidance about developing workplace culture and the steps they can take to actively support their people.

You can find out more about the Breathe Culture Pledge and how to get involved by heading over to www.breathehr.com/Pledge.

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