Is 'GDPR' Getting You Down?

You’ve all heard about ‘GDPR’, but do you know what it means for you and your business?

As individuals we are all too aware and concerned about the risks to our personal data. Therefore I encourage you to seize this opportunity, as a business, to stop hoarding data for future use and better understand what data you need to retain. GDPR is a modern day necessity to reducing the risks of a data scandal caused by poor privacy practices.


Read on for more thoughts from the HR patch on getting compliant in 6 simple steps…

The clock is ticking and with just over two months to go until the new regulations come in to force, most big business are someway through the long journey to becoming compliant.

However, it is apparent that SME’s who can’t afford additional consultants or the extra time to get their head around everything are struggling with this arduous task. The huge financial penalties and the vague guidance offered so far has left many businesses either in a shredding frenzied panic or quietly sticking their heads in to the sand and hoping that it will all just ‘go away’.

But you are not alone and the HR patch would like to offer some simple tips to get you kick started on to the right track from an HR perspective and embrace the change.