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Managing Performance with Positivity

Let’s make appraisals something to smile about!


I long for the day when managers and employees smile at the thought of annual appraisals or performance reviews. With the all-too-common connotations of negativity, if you’re aiming to introduce a good appraisal system into your small business, remember that ‘less is more!’

It might seem good practice to follow some strict guidelines of documenting strengths and weakness, praising the wins and dissecting the failures, setting goals and mapping a career path, but we mustn’t let form-filling drown the opportunity to discuss and really listen!

Yes, we want to be clear on the goals, but it’s a great time to really engage staff, show them the value they add to the business and listen to their ideas or challenges. This is where growth begins, and loyalty is sustained.

Read on for more ‘Thoughts from the HR Patch’ on holding effective and motivating performance reviews.