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Job Support Scheme

As the Job Retention Scheme has now been extended to the end of November, the new Job Support Scheme will be introduced in two forms from 1st December 2020. One for businesses that are still permitted to be open (JSS Open) and one for businesses that must close as a result of COVID restrictions, such as local lockdowns (JSS Closed).


It is hoped that the new schemes will protect viable jobs within businesses struggling as a result of Covid-19. The scheme has evolved since it was first announced in September, but this article has been updated following the latest announcement on 31st October 2020.

Employers using the Job Support Scheme will also be able to claim the Job Retention Bonus if they meet the eligibility criteria.


Are You Eligible?

  • All employers with UK PAYE schemes can claim the grant.

  • Neither the employer nor the employee needs to have previously used the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

  • The scheme is available to those whose turnover is lower now than before experiencing difficulties from Covid-19, however there will be no financial assessment test for SMEs. 

  • Employees being claimed for must have been on your payroll by the 23rd September 2020. If employees ceased employment after the 23rd of September 2020, but were then rehired, employers can claim for them.

  • An individual is an employee for the purposes of this scheme if they are treated as an employee for Income Tax purposes.

  • Employees can be on any type of contract, including zero hours or temporary contracts.

Read on for clarification regarding the key rules of each scheme.....