All Things Furlough...

As you have probably already heard in the news over the last few months, the government has successfully implemented the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The scheme was originally covering the period from 1st March to 31st May. It was extended initially to the end of June 2020, but has now been announced to run (as it currently stands) until the end of July 2020. The scheme will continue to operate until the end of October 2020, but from 1st August 2020 the rules will be updated to include more flexibility, and a requirement for the costs to be shared by employers.

In order to benefit from the scheme, employers will need to designate affected employees as furloughed workers and follow the correct process as per the guidance.

This article was updated on 12th May 2020, based on the most recent guidance available and covers the following key topics:

  • Job Retention Scheme

  • Furlough Leave Rules

  • Other Work & Absences

  • Furlough Pay

  • Claiming Your Grant

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